Because we all have one Father, we are all brothers and sisters.  Therefore, we are a family,
a community.   God loves each of His children very deeply, and very personally.

“What should be done then, my friends?  When you come together, each one has a hymn,
a lesson, a revelation, a tongue, or an interpretation.  Let all things be done for building up.”    
I Corin. 14:26

A strong community has the following characteristics:


There must be a basis for the life of the community which is enough to hold everyone
together.  The basis must include Jesus Christ.  It does not need to be based on programs
or activities.

It is to be concerned with all that is involved in being a Christian.

The top priority of the Community is personal spiritual renewal - the renewal of one’s
relationship with Christ. This involves helping each other discover our True Selves,
thereby diminishing the power of the ego.  This is a primary concern, because it is only
through spiritual renewal that a community draws together and personal growth happens.
Secondly, the Community becomes a model for Service. What do we do with this
True Self that we have become?

A Christian Community is simply a network of care-givers and care-receivers of the soul.


The organizational aspect of the community is organic – it is developed to meet needs
of the community, both individually and communally as it strives to respond to the Great

There must be enough organization for its members to be able to grow together in service.
But not so much organization that the organization becomes the focus and overshadows the
personal, spiritual renewal.

There is a common misconception that the only real personal relationships are the kind
that are formed individually or in small groups where people can “get to know each other
well.”  In real communities there is a bond that comes from having something in common,
belonging to the same body, that has a single purpose, such as personal, spiritual renewal.


Every member of the community needs to be an active participant.  This means that each
member is actively pursuing a personal relationship with Christ and is on a path of spiritual
renewal.  This journey is different for each person, but it always leads to the same thing –
total emptying of oneself and unifying with God.  

Members are strongly encouraged to be in regular contact with each other.  This is a
unique challenge of a dispersed community.  We do this through email, teleconference
calls, cell phones, text messaging, regional and national meetings (Convocations).  The
interaction between the people must be relationship-oriented, and not just task-oriented.
It is a proper blend of both.

“Though they be divided in their dwelling, yet do they abide bound and inseparable in
spirit and faith and loving-kindness.”    - Historia Monachorum

Here are some of our members in order of their admission into the Community:
Br Daniel-Joseph is the founder of our Community, and lives in central Wisconsin with his spouse
and daughter.  He takes his spiritual journey one step at a time; he falls and gets up, falls and gets
up, falls and gets up...   He has served the Episcopal Church as an adult Bible study facilitator, lector,
chalice bearer, Eucharistic Minister and Stephen Minister.  He now attends Intercession Episcopal Church.
Brother was trained as a Benedictine, and holds an undergraduate degree in Hebrew Studies from the
University of Wisconsin, a MBA in finance from Concordia University, and a MS in Adult Educational
Psychology from Northern Illinois U. His favorite hobbies are gardening, raising Monarch butterflies,
writing, and hiking.
Br. Daniel-Chad calls Indianapolis his home, living near downtown, often sharing his home with guests.   
He is a member of the Episcopal Church of All Saints.   His education includes degree studies at
Christian Theological Seminary (Indianapolis) and Union Theological Seminary (New York City).  
His main focus of service is a robust and diverse spiritual direction/supervision practice.  He serves
on the leadership team of the Spiritual Directors of Central Indiana as well as the Alumni Committee
of the Spiritual Direction Internship of the Benedict Inn, Beech Grove, IN.  His long-time partner is Frank.  
They spend much time with their three children and three grandchildren.  Brother enjoys travel, cycling,
art history, genealogy and gardening.
Sr Margaret is from Indiana and is a member of the Episcopal Church of All Saints.  She has an MSW
from the University of Kentucky.  She enjoys reading, playing with her grandchildren, and
serving others  through her church, Christ Church Cathedral, as a Stephen Minister Leader, caregiver,
and as a Eucharist Lay Visitor.
Br. John Charles attends St. Paul in the Desert Episcopal Church, Palm Springs, CA. where he has been
called by their mission statement to serve Christ in others as a front office worker, liturgical service bulletin
editor and Chair of their parish's Abundant Living Action Team which is responsible for stewardship
development which explores gifts of time, talent and finances. He is also a regular attendee of their Tuesday
Night Bible Studies.  John is a retired Information Technology Manager.  He has also served as a Volunteer,
Bi-lingual Supervisor and Telephone Health Educator for the California AIDS Hotline based at the San
Francisco AIDS Foundation.   John has a BA in Spanish and Education from Miami University, Oxford, Ohio,
and holds an MBA in Marketing and Management from the University of Cincinnati.  He lives with his Chihuahua,
Br. Juan Charles finally calls the Los Angeles area home after years of globe trekking and wandering.
He is a parishioner at St. Mark's Episcopal Church in Downey, California, where he serves as Treasurer
and Bookkeeper, a Lay Eucharistic Minister, lector, usher, and anywhere else help is needed. Juan holds
a B.A. in linguistics from the University of California, Berkeley, an M.B.A. in Management from Loyola
Marymount University, an M.A. in the Humanities from Mount St. Mary's College, and a J.D. from Fordham
University School of Law. After several years of working in higher education, Juan now works with foster
care youth in the care of Los Angeles County as a staff attorney at the Children's Law Center of Los Angeles.
In his free time, Juan enjoys spending time with family and friends, gardening, cooking, and reading.
Sr. Kathryn Elizabeth is a retired college professor (Eastern Kentucky University) where she taught
for fourteen years.  She has authored numerous journal articles, encyclopedia articles, and book chapters,
as well as co-authoring three books on women in public and private law enforcement, police administration
and workplace violence.  She holds a B.S. and a Ph.D. in Criminal Justice, and a M.A. in Applied Sociology.           
As a member of St. Michael the Archangel Episcopal Church in Lexington, KY, Sister serves as Lay Eucharistic
Minister, Lector, Prayer Partner, and Sunday School Leader.  She is also a member of Daughters of the King,
and is a Benedictine Oblate.
Sr Catherine Thomas works in the Grant and Contract Office, Coordinator of Training for the Illinois
Institute of Technology.  She was a Fellow at the Ecumenical Institute at St. John's Abbey in Minnesota.  
During that time, she became a Benedictine Oblate at St. John's.  She has a Master's Degree in
International Studies and a ABD (All But Dissertation) in Higher Education.  She loves to study
languages and translation (Hebrew, Greek, Latin) and reads voraciously in the Humanities.  She also is
an Adjunct Faculty member at Northwestern University and Minnesota State University, mainly teaching online.
She is also a United States Coast Guard AUX volunteer in Marine Safety and Operations for the Chicago
Br. Maximos graduated from  Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis with a Master’s of Arts in Mental
Health Counseling. Formerly, Derek was a student at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis where
he received his Bachelor’s in Religious Studies and Philosophy. Derek enjoys spending time with his toddler,
Bryce, and loves to read or go on walks along the Indianapolis downtown Canal.  He is a practicing Counselor.
Sr. Rebecca Anne lives in Annville, Kentucky, on the edge of the Daniel Boone National Forest.
Semi-retired, she is a Touch Therapist and Reflexologist for family, friends, and a small business in
Jackson County. Sister Becky is on the Episcopal Church Women (ECW) Board for the Diocese of
Lexington and is active in Daughters of the King. Her favorite thing to do is spend time with her daughters
and grandchildren. Healer, Mystic, Gardener, Cook, Pilgrim and aspiring comedienne.
Sr Julian Sky retired from local government, and has nay hats are in her closet: surgical technologist,
secondary education teacher, medical studies instructor, stained glass artist, Traffic Information Specialist,
writer,  and presently a dog trainer and photographer.  She is a member of the Episcopal Church and has
been a member of the Altar Guild, a Eucharistic minister, and volunteer church secretary. She is a member
of the Daughters of the King.  Sister has a Benedictine background.  Along with staying close to nature, she
volunteers at a local food pantry and animal shelter.
Sr Mary-Katherine attends Calvary Episcopal Church, Stonington, as Minister of Communion,
Eucharistic Visitor, Lector, fill in Acolyte, and sometimes musician.  She also likes to play early music,
dance (English Country, Contra)  and is learning sign language. Through the support and
companionship of this community, she is seeking to hear Christ more clearly and respond with faith.  
She is excited to begin this leg of her journey. Sister lives with her husband, Mike, who suffered a stroke
April of 2013 and praises God that he has recovered as much as he has.  Sign Language
was undertaken to help Mike express himself more (speech is problematic for him).  She has now
developed a real desire to learn sign now and use it in service to others.  During a working day, you can
find her at Electric Boat where she is a Detail Planner (think Project Manager with a little Engineer and
Data Manager thrown in).
Br Michael Emmaus is a former airline pilot by trade, is now a stay at home Dad caring for twin boys
(Emmett & Wyatt) and a preteen daughter (Landrie). He and his wife Catherine live in a
beautiful home built in 1896 that they are (slowly) returning to its original grandeur. His hobbies include
flying RC aircraft, brewing beer, gardening, playing guitar and bagpipes, enjoying nature, reading, cooking
and beekeeping. A cradle Episcopalian, he is a member of St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Plymouth,
Indiana where he serves as Junior Warden, Lay Eucharistic Minister, Lay Eucharistic Visitor and is working
on becoming licensed to preach. He is responding to God’s continuous and unrelenting call to walk more
closely with him.
Br Thanasi lives in the Columbus, OH area.  Thanasi is the familiar for Athanasios in Greek like Tom is to
Thomas. Brother is originally from the New York City area. He has a BS in Horticulture from Auburn University.  
He has spent large blocks of time both in San Francisco and the rural coast of Maine.  In San Francisco he
was part of the initial response to the AIDS epidemic.  In Maine, he began the deconstruction of the secular for
a life's quest in prayer.  Beginning in 2004, he has been on a formal monastic journey starting in Orthodoxy
and arriving at the doors of the Episcopal Church.
Sr Clare Emmanuel is from Michigan. She has worked as a performing arts production manager, a union
organizer, a development director, and a waitress, among other jobs. Her degrees are in
English (BA) and Gender and Diversity Studies (MA). Semi-retired, Rachel recently moved to Detroit
to be closer to her daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren. She feels happily at home in her new
neighborhood, making connections through the neighborhood association and the community garden.
Living in Detroit will give Rachel plenty of opportunities to live out her baptismal vows in the context of
racial and economic justice. Bishop Curry's leadership of the Episcopal Church through this period of
her life is a great joy to her. As Bishop Curry preached in Detroit recently, “The way of love will set us free.”
Anita is our Oblate from California.  She was a Religious of the Good Shepherd in Los Angeles and San
Francisco, CA, for 12 years. There she worked with girls from the Juvenile Courts as an English tudor,
Religious Studies teacher and a house mother. She was a member of the Third Order of St. Francis at St.
Francis House of Peace in Chertsey, Quebec, Canada, where she with her community worked with
Recovering Alcoholics, Drug Addicts and for a few individuals providing temporary shelter.
She was chief cook and bottle washer, on the logging crew, the building crew and the prayer team and
was sacristan. She was a Licensed Vocational Nurse for 30 years specializing in rehabilitation, geriatrics
and Hospice. Currently, she is a member of St. Peter's Episcopal Church in Santa Maria, CA, where she
is a Lay Eucharistic Minister, Lector, Daughter of the King, and past president of the DOK. Her housemate,
Sister Dawna Clare Sutton was influential in leading her to the Community of the Gospel.
Br Julian-Ozana resides in Stafford, Virginia, with his wife, Carol, and Bagel the Beagle.
Retired from careers both in the California Superior Court system and as a medical speech-language
pathologist, he and Carol are parishioners at St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church in Woodbridge, VA.
With studies and experience in a number of religious traditions, Brother has been actively engaged in
local interfaith events as well as in a number of parish ministries. He and Carol are avid gardeners.
He also dabbles in music and history. Brother presently serves as editor of our quarterly newsletter,
The Bell Tower, and hosts our weekly online Evening Prayer service.
Community  Members
Lew is our Oblate from California. As Reverend Deacon, Lewis (Sitting Panther) is the Indigenous
Ministries Missioner for the Diocese of Northern California. In that capacity, he travels to parishes within
the diocese sharing information about the role of Indigenous Peoples (Native American) Ministries in
the Episcopal Church. He is a past member of the Episcopal Executive Council Committee for
Indigenous Ministries. He has been an advocate for addressing the effects of the Doctrine of Discovery
in the Church for over a decade. He co-developed and co-taught “The Church’s Response to the Doctrine
of Discovery” offered by The Episcopal Divinity School at Harvard in 2013 and 2014 via electronic media.

Lew is a graduate of the Episcopal School for Deacons, Berkeley, CA. Ordained in Grace Cathedral, San
Francisco, in 1999. He is the former Convener of the Community of Deacon (Archdeacon) of the Diocese
of the Rio Grande. He serves on the Commission for Intercultural Ministries in the Diocese of Northern
California, and he recently represented the Episcopal Church at the Anglican Indigenous Network Meeting
on The Six Nations Reserve, Ontario, Canada as an Elder.

Lew is a founding member of a Nevada County human relations group, Beyond Bias, which is dedicated
to addressing bias and bullying issues in Nevada County, CA.
Anthony-Paul is our Novice from Minnesota. He came to the Episcopal Church at age 13, most
of that time attending the Cathedral Church of saint Mark in downtown Minneapolis.  He has served as
a member of the Altar Guild, the Cathedral Life Commission, the LGBTQ Pride Committee, and as a
Eucharistic Minister.  He recently transferred his membership to St John the Baptist in Linden Hills.
Anthony-Paul is pursuing a Master's Degree in Theology at Saint Catherine's University in St. Paul, MN.  
Susan is our Novice in Florence, KY. She has a BFA in Arts Education from the University of Illinois,
and started her career as a teacher. Her interests evolved into nursing, so she got her LPN, and worked
as a nurse for 20 years, the largest part being in community mental health. Now, in retirement, she is still
involved with healing and teaching.  She teaches Tai chi, is a certified Equine Massage Therapist, Reiki
and Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner, animal communicator, and simple labyrinth facilitator.  

She has been involved in a Benedictine Spirituality Study group since 2002, and has felt a call to vows
for quite some time. She is working with Sr Becky to facilitate the Diocese of Lexington's ECW Annual
Retreat.  She is affiliated with Trinity Episcopal Church in Covington, Kentucky.
Kenn is our Postulant in Nassau, Bahamas.  He is a Lay Minister at Holy Cross Anglican Church,
in the Diocese of The Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands, where he also assists with Sunday
School and Scouts.  One of his roles at the Parish is to schedule Lay Ministers to serve as Chalice
Bearers at Mass, Officiants at Evensong and to give addresses.  He also serves on the Vestry, where
he is the Assistant Secretary, and he coordinates the Evangelism Ministry.  .

Kenn has been on a “personal” monastic journey for a little over two years and attend Oblate meetings
monthly with Roman Catholic Benedictine Sisters (St. Martin’s Monastery, Nassau, Bahamas).  He is
also a member of the Fellowship of St. John (of the Society of St. John the Evangelist).
Michael is our Postulant in Baltimore, Maryland.  He and his wife of 40 years have a very fine cat.  
He rejoices in two daughters and a grandson. He attends Church of the Holy Comforter in Lutherville,
Maryland. He has an MA in Theology with an emphasis in Biblical studies from St. Mary’s Seminary
Ecumenical Institute in Baltimore.  He was commissioned by Bishop Knudsen last year as
Theologian in Residence at his Church.  He prefers to think of that as Learner in Residence.  
He is especially excited about the great privilege that so few other people have of the structure and
learning, and the support of a community of like-minded people.
Kevin is our Postulant in Alexandria, VA. Kevin started a relationship with Christ in high school after a
dream. Interested in ministry, his direction was not clear.  He joined the Coast Guard and worked a
secular job with the intent of always doing what he could to help others.  In about 2017 he ended up
in the hospital reconsidering what he had left undone in his life. Upon being discharged, he pursued
and was awarded a BS from Lancaster Bible College.  He loved that part of his my spiritual journey.  
He found a middle ground with his Catholic wife and have been attending a Celtic style Episcopal
Church since 2017. Still looking for more, he found the Community of the Gospel.  Let’s see what
happens next!
David is our Postulant from Virginia Beach, where he and his wife, Agnes, now reside.  Finishing
public schools in Norfolk, David went on to U-North Carolina majoring in History.  He was
commissioned an Ensign in the Navy upon graduation and served in various places around the globe.
Afterward he spent time managing an auto dealership, and a number of years in local politics.
David eventually completed a M.A. in English and is now teaching at Tidewater Community College.  
He’s also attended classes toward an M.A. in Theological Studies. David attends Galilee Church and
serves as the parish librarian.  He teaches in a men’s study ad prayer group, and serves as a LEM.  
He has an active prayer life.  David has two sons and four grandchildren.
Lee is our other Postulant from Virginia Beach. On Saturday, April 25, 1998, at a Cursillo weekend, while
opening agape letters, God spoke to him and changed his life.  He has since served on the Vestry three
times (twice Junior and twice Senior Warden), two Cursillo teams, and (thanks be to God) twenty-three
KAIROS weekends.  At Eastern Shore Chapel Episcopal Church he leads the morning prayer service
each week, the First Friday Men’s Bible Study, and has chaired and served on the Stewardship committee
for a long time.  He attends the Wednesday evening Eucharist every week.  He and his wife, Heidi, have
been married for over ten years; and have six children and sixteen grandchildren.  Lee is semi-retired from
the apartment business.
Scott is our Postulant from Virginia, too!  He is a cradle Episcopalian. Scott attended Kent, an
Episcopalian boarding school in Kent Connecticut and attended two years of college. He currently
serves in three different Prison Ministries; State, Federal and Juvenile in the state of Virginia.
Scott attends St. Matthias Episcopal church in Midlothian, Virginia and is both a Lector and Lay
Eucharistic Minister there. He has been married for 37 years and has two sons and two
granddaughters. Scott is trained in Spiritual Direction, Reiki and Dream Interpretation. .