"Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your minds,

(Trans)formation is simply quieting the mind and preparing the heart to receive.

Transformation can be defined as the "purification of the heart."  Through transformation
we reconnect with God.  Transformation of a person comes through the Wisdom of the Holy
Spirit as we follow a path of awareness, surrender and guidance.  Our Community strives to
follow the Holy Spirit who will lead us to a new awareness of our true self, gradually shedding
the false self (dysfunctional ego).

With the dissolving of the dysfunctional ego comes a recognition, understanding and
forgiveness of our own imperfections.  Sometimes we discover that what we thought were
imperfections (as defined by society or those people close to us) are not really imperfections
at all.  Sometimes we discover that what we call imperfections are actually the keys to
welcoming God's Grace into our lives.

We also believe that we are spiritual beings engaged in a human experience. And as humans,
we are vulnerable to the difficulties of being human: we experience many good things, but we
can also sometimes experience the darker side of life: despair and anxiety, grief and loss, fear
and worry. Together as a Community, and with the help of God through our local support teams,
these things can be transformed into greater faith, greater gratitude, and greater joy.

After a period of discernment we call the Aspirancy and Postulancy, Members of this Community
spend time as Novices or may become Oblates.  This is a time for them to  become familiar
with the Community to see if it “fits.”  They will be following a formation plan that includes
being involved in community interaction, shaping their lives around the Community’s values,
and developing their own Personal Rule of Life.

During this time, Novices and Oblates will:

  • Become more familiar with the Community's Constitution and Rule (Customary);
  • Begin developing a personal commentary to the Common Rule of Life;
  • Assemble a spiritual formation network;
  • Build a pattern of prayer;
  • Design a plan of reflection;
  • Realize a personal mission;
  • Attend communal worship regularly as available;
  • Complete a set of assigned activities;
  • Attend Convocations if possible;
  • Discern if a continued relationship with the Community is appropriate;
  • Speak with their Formation Guide at least monthly.

At the end of this time, if they and the Community feel that a continued association would be
blessed, the Novice may petition for full commitment to the Community.  They could then be
received as a Professed Member of the Community and would be entitled to the benefits of
taking a religious name, using the title “Brother” or “Sister,” and having voting rights on issues
affecting the general welfare of the Community.  

Members are free to leave the Community at any time.

Professed Members continue their (trans)formation, as an ongoing blessing.  Formation for
Professed Members may include:

  • Annual review of the Constitution and Customary;
  • Continue study of the Common Rule of Life;
  • Continue working with their spiritual direction network;
  • Continue their prayer, study and personal mission;
  • Attend Eucharist, Convocations, and retreats as able;
  • Study the traditions of the Masters, Mystics and Monastics;
  • Work with a Formation guide;
  • Take greater roles of responsibility within the Community.

All members continually strive to be responsive to others' needs, pray for each other and
for God's grace for the Community, and work to incorporate the Supporting Values into
their lives.

Some of our key tools and methods:

RULE OF LIFE – Members follow a Common Rule of Life (See tab RULE).  But they may
develop a personal commentary to the Rule - how and why they live out the values of the
Community in their own lives.  The personal commentary grows and changes over time,
and helps solidify ones growth and direction.

JOURNALING – Members are encouraged to jot down the events of the day, and reflect
on the blessings and challenges.  This "awareness examen" is very helpful in watching
personal growth day by day, and can be a great resource for spiritual direction.

RETREATS – Members are encouraged to make several personal retreats throughout
the year.  These can take several different forms, such as silent retreats or directed retreats.  
There are many retreat centers to choose from, so it is best to visit several to find the one
that suits individual needs.
"The privilege
of a lifetime is
to become who
you truly are."

- C. G. Jung