Christ is the leader and the center of our community.  The sacred
scriptures teach us about Christ and our connection to Christ and
to each other.  Truth matters very much to us, the truth about
ourselves and the truth about God - the truth that is God, the truth
which God is.  Friendship, love, communion with others and
through others, together with God; these are the core of all that
we value most.   We treasure our interior connection to these
values as we work to help others experience, as we do, the joy
of life.

But as humans, we are also vulnerable to the difficulties of being
human: we experience many good things, but we also can experience
despair and anxiety, grief and loss, fear and worry. Together as a
Community, and with the help of God through our local support teams,
these things can be transformed into greater faith, greater gratitude,
and greater joy.

While Christ is the leader of our Church, we have Guardians
who manage and nourish the Community.

Our current Guardian is Br. Daniel-Joseph.  Brother, like all
of us, continues his spiritual journey one step at a time; he
falls and gets up, falls and gets up, falls and gets up...   He
has served the Church as a lector, chalice bearer, and Lay
Eucharistic Minister.
The Chaplain of our Community is Fr. Tyrone Fowlkes,
He is a Priest in Raleigh, North Carolina.
The Right Rev. Keith Whitmore is our Third Bishop Visitor
to the Community of the Gospel.  He is the former bishop
of the Diocese of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, and then became
the Diocese of Atlanta's assistant bishop in April 2008 and
retired in February 2017.