Friends of the Community

Some people, for a variety of reasons, may not feel called to become full members of the
Community, but still want to support the Community's work and be involved to some extent.  
Friends of the Community pray for the Community and are prayed for by the Community,
are invited to attend Convocations, and receive regular communications from the Community.


Postulants are people who have expressed their intention to become members of the
Community and have officially begun the process by contacting the Guardian.  The period
of time a person remains a Postulant is up to the Guardian, but is not less than 3 months.  
Postulants may be asked to do the following:
  • Become familiar with all the contents of this website;
  • Speak with a current member, if possible, about what it's like to be a member;
  • Attend a Convocation, if possible;
  • Read the Constitution and Customary of the Community;
  • Discuss the idea of membership with one's spiritual director and pastor;
  • Discuss the idea of membership with one's spouse or partner;
  • Pray and discern about their involvement with the Community;
  • Read an assigned book about monasticism;
  • Speak with the Guardian.

If, after completing these tasks, the Postulant still feels called to this Community, he or she will
be sent an application to complete.  Upon acceptance, the new member will be assigned a
Formation Guide.  The journey continues either as a Novice or an Oblate!


If the Postulant chooses the vowed path, he or she spends some time as a Novice.  
This is a time for Novices to become familiar with the Community to see if it is
appropriate for them.   Novices follow a formation plan that includes being involved
in community  interaction, building their lives around the Community’s values, and
shaping their own Personal Rule of Life.  At the end of this time, if they and the Council
feel that a continued association with the Community would be blessed, Novices
may ask for full commitment to the Community.

Full Members - Profession

Professed Members of the Community may take a religious name, use the title “Brother” or
“Sister,” and will have voting rights on issues affecting the general welfare of the Community.  
All members continually strive to be responsive to the needs of others, pray for each other
and for God's grace for the Community, and work to incorporate the Community’s values into
their lives.

“Give me persons in love: they know what I mean.  Give me those who yearn; give me those
who are hungry; give me those far away in this desert, who are thirsty and sigh for the spring
of the eternal country.  Give me those kinds of people; they know what I mean.”
- St. Augustine, Sermon on John 26,4


Oblates are people who desire some limited commitment to the practices of prayer, study and
service, but may not, for whatever reason, be able to devote the time and resources needed for
that of a vowed monastic.  The membership path PDF document below explains this journey in
more depth.