Common Rule of Life
Many monastic communities have a document that guides the life of the
community in a particular way.  Major monastic orders such as the Benedictines,
Augustinians, and Franciscans have their own version of a Rule of Life.

Our Community has developed a Rule of Life that stems from our understanding
of God's love for us and God's creation.  It supports our vows of daily prayer,
reflective study, and personal service to others, but touches on a number of
other areas that are important to our Community.

We also encourage individual commentary on the Common Rule, to reflect where
each of us is at in our spiritual journey.  The Common Rule, in addition to our own
personal commentary and daily journal, are used as guideposts along the way.

Included below are
the chapters of the Common Rule.  

A paperback copy is available on line by clicking this link: