The Community's Cross reflects our values as
well as our Charism;

* The Gospel is represented by the four letters
on the cross.  The Synoptic Gospels rest on the
branches of the cross, while the Gospel of John
is on the trunk - the foundation of the cross.  

* The love of Jesus for this world and its people
flows up from John into the branches of the cross.  
This love is represented by the heart at the
center of the cross, where it spreads out into
the branches.

* The Gospel is our core reason for

* The Gospel is our core resource for

* The Gospel is our core example for

* The cross does not carry the broken body of
Christ.  He is risen and is now active among us.

* Our Cross rests on the Rock, the Christ, the
 Cornerstone that was rejected.

* We wear the cross over our hearts, the temple
of God, to remind us of this love as we move
through every moment of the day.

* Each of us strives to know, love and serve the Lord
in our own unique way, and yet be a part of the total
body of Christ.