The Charism of this Community is to live the monastic vows of Daily Prayer, Reflective Study
and Personal Service that lead to nurturing of the soul at the hands and heart of Christ.  This
results in our knowing, loving and serving the Lord in our own unique way, as God made us.

Our vows do not improve our chances for, or lead us to, salvation. We already have that!
You do not have to prove yourself to God, or worry about threats that your eternity is ever
in danger. God loves you unconditionally, and salvation comes to you as part of that
awesome Grace.
Members become transformed by living what we value.  Not that these things in themselves
do the transforming, but they put us in a position whereby we can be transformed by the love
of God.  

Our Core Vows…

For thousands of years people have been striving to become aware of the enduring love of
God. Frequently, these pathways rest in devotion, knowledge, and action.   The vows we hold
dearest reflect these three ancient, sacred pathways.  They are the foundation of our
monastic practice; this is what we do and who we are:
Prayer is how we express the Way of Devotion.  We view this vow to mean spending time daily in the presence of God
during prayer and meditation.  Our Members will usually pray 1 to 4 times daily, using a format that suits their individual
prayer temperament. Our prayer time is "spiritual breathing."   It is a time when we take in God's love and compassion for
us and for the world, and then share this with others through thanksgiving, praise, intercessions and supplications.
In a home chapel...
In a building...
In nature...
In a home prayer corner...
This vow is our expression of the Way of Knowledge.  We view this vow to be a commitment to learning about
ourselves and our relation to God and creation through both self-reflection and discovery, that is, through
contemplation.  In doing so, we always keep in mind God's love and compassion for us.  We observe and reflect
on our own behavior and reactions to others and to situations, and we also discover bits and pieces of who we
are through the writings of others, both past and present. To know about things is to be knowledgeable; To know
about people is to be wise;  To know about yourself is to be enlightened.
The third path to God is the Way of Action.  We view this vow to mean the personal response we offer in service
to others because of God’s love.  Balancing the contemplative side of our lives, this vow helps us to serve others
in whatever way God has revealed to us through our special uniqueness.  Our service can take many different
forms.  To God, even the littlest of service that furthers love in this world is so very important.
This will change us from the inside out, and result in
unique acts of service.